Organic Welsh / Tamworth Pork

The pigs are reared at Cefn Coed living outdoors for as long as weather conditions permit. When the ground conditions become too muddy in the winter they come indoors and spend their days eating and sleeping in deep straw beds. The sows are a mix of Welsh and Tamworth with George, the Welsh boar, making sure there is a ready supply of some of the best pork you can find.


Leg (boned and rolled) £16.00 /kg
Shoulder (boned & rolled) £14.50 /kg
Loin (boned and rolled) £20.00 / kg
Chops £16.00 / kg
Belly £12.00 / kg
Diced / minced pork £15.00 / kg
Tenderloin £25.00 / kg
Sausages (multiple varieties) £15.00 / kg
Gammon steaks £16.50 / kg
Gammon joints £16.00 / kg
Collar bacon £15.00 / kg
Streaky bacon £15.00 / kg
Back bacon £22.00 / kg
Hocks £6 each

The best locally-reared organic produce

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