Fresh Organic Aberdeen Angus/ Welsh Black Beef

Our Aberdeen Angus and Welsh Black cows produce the tastiest meat. The cattle graze clover rich pastures during the summer and eat home grown hay and silage during the winter – a totally grass based diet. The beef is traditionally hung on the bone for at least 21 days and is carefully and lovingly prepared by our skilled butchers Neil and Tom.


Fillet £55.00 /kg
Topside / silverside £19.00 / kg
Braising steak / chuck £16.50 /kg
Pot (Slow) Roast £16.50 /kg
Sirloin Steak £39.00 / kg
Brisket £16.50 / kg
Rump Steak £28.00 /kg
Rib £22.00 / kg
Rib eye Steak £39.00 / kg
Stewing steak £16.50 / kg
Shin £16.50 /kg
Mince £15.00 / kg
Burgers £2.00 each
Stock bones (2 kg) £6

The best locally-reared organic produce

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