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Penrhiw Farm’s organic meat is all processed on the farm. The cattle and sheep are slaughtered in the Caerphilly Abattoir and the pigs in Maesteg at Maddock Kembury Meats.  They are brought back to Penrhiw to hang in our own cold room.


Our Aberdeen Angus beef, derived from our suckler herd, is renowned for its marbling, succulence and tenderness as well as really good flavour.The carcases are hung in our own cold room for approx. 4 weeks. We offer a full range of roasting joints, steaks, mince and stewing steak. Our burgers are all hand made using fresh herbs and oats with no preservatives or flavouring added.  We occasionally have Welsh Black beef.


Our South Wales Mountain sheep, known locally as Nelsons, produce lambs of excellent flavour. The Suffolk X South Wales Mountain ewes produce early lambs to ensure we can provide fresh lamb all year around. A leg of lamb from Penrhiw won a Gold Award in the Wales True Taste Award in 2011/12. A wide range of roasting joints as well as chops, racks and mince are available.


Our mutton is hung for at least 2 weeks and comes from ewes that are at least 2 years old. Many are much older - having come to the end of their reproductive lives. Some as old as 8 years!! Use mutton to make the most excellent stews and curries - the long cooking enhances the flavour of the spices.   A leg of mutton recently featured in the National Sheep Association's mutton tasting at the Royal Welsh Winter Fair and was deemed the most flavoursome.   


Our pork comes from Welsh and Tamwoth Pigs which are organically reared at Cefn Coed/Fforest. They roam freely outdoors, rooting around in the soil and enjoying life to the full. When the weather is bad they come indoors and enjoy deep straw beds. We sell a full range of roasting joints and chops, as well as bacon, gammon and sausages – plain pork; pork & apple, pork & leek; honey & mustard all made from natural ingredients. No artificial preservatives, flavourings or colours are used.


A flock of organically reared hens freely roam. The brown eggs taste wonderful with lovely rich yellow yolks. Happy hens sing all day long as they scratch in the soil and eat grass.


The demand for free range chicken has prompted the development of a small scale meat chicken rearing enterprise. A small on farm chicken abattoir has been organically approved and certified.   Organic chickens are now available weekly continuing the Hopkin tradition of rearing chickens for the table.  


At Christmas, free range organically reared bronze turkeys are a special treat