March 3rd 2015



Just the usual update on our market whereabouts this weekend and the range of meat we will have available.     It's a relatively quiet weekend - Rhiwbina on Friday and Usk onSaturday with that rarity - a Sunday with both of us at home !     We will have fresh Aberdeen Angus beef, Welsh Mountain lamb and Welsh pork as well as mutton and fresh chickens.  Plenty of organic eggs - the hens are really laying well at the moment - and will continue to do so as spring arrives and temperatures rise.  The usual pies and faggots too.   Local deliveries and collections from the farm by arrangement.  


Farm news :   early lambing has finished at Penrhiw, 3 left at Cefn Coed  - it was hard work - the lambs were big and we had to supervise them very closely.  Many needed a helping hand.  Overall it wasn't too bad - triplet disasters aside - and there are lots of thriving lambs skipping around the fields.    I tried to do a video of them playing to put on facebook - but either my skills or my phone weren't up to that !!     So it's a lambing holiday now until April !    Graham / Ffi have been busy hatching chicks - we are crossing Dorking hens with an Indian game cock to produce our own chicks to rear for the table.  We are hoping it will work - time will tell and we'll let you know when we will have our home bred chickens in the chiller. 


Roll on the spring  -  we have had enough of the mud now !