January 4th 2018

Happy New year

Hope you all had a good Christmas.  We have all enjoyed a short break from butchering and market chores allowing us to catch up on farm work and have an opportunity to recover from the busy pre Christmas week.  

But it's over - there are markets in Usk on Saturday and Riverside on Sunday.  We won't have our full range of produce and some will be frozen but we will have plenty of the essentials.

Oh, the farms are seriously wet - keeping pigs and chickens outdoors in a wet winter is a challenge.  MUD, MUD and more of it !!  One dry day and the mud turns sticky and wellies get stuck in the "glue".  Feeding hungry boisterous pigs is not an easy task - the older pigs love it but the younger ones find it all a bit tough and have had to come indoors.  A large lorry load of wood chip is slowly being spread around the chicken sheds to soak up the mud but it is too wet to use a tractor and it is seriously hard work with a wheelbarrow.  There are hints of a dry cold spell on the weekend and next week.   Thankfully, most of the cattle are indoors.