January 17th 2018


Just an update on our market whereabouts over the next 2 weeks.  Rhiwbina on Fridays, Usk and St Fagans on Saturday with Riverside on Sunday; then next Sat we'll be in Porthcawl.    

Graham has recovered from the flu and is able to do things and go places again.  Our latest causality is Nanny who has unfortunately fallen and fractured her hip.  She has a replacement hip fitted and is learning to drive a zimmer frame.  Still has "L plates" but gaining in confidence every day.  

Our early lambing ewes have been housed - the barn was given a deep clean on Monday, lots of straw spread to form a cosy bed, one of the best bales of hay placed in a feeder and they are all tucked up from the wet and cold.  Sheep heaven ☺ - if a bit boring! They are due to start lambing in about 2 weeks time.