Februaray 2018


It's the usual update of our market whereabouts and farm news.  Rhiwbina on Fridays, Usk and St Fagans on Saturday and Riverside on Sundays.  Graham will be in Porthcawl on Sat 24th.  The usual range of products - I don't need to list them all now !

We still mump about the weather - it is so wet and cold.  We are struggling to get the early lambs out the field 24 / 7.  They go out for a few hours then back in for the night then stay in for another few days before they go out again.  We are hoping after today (Wed), things may dry up a bit and we can make progress.  Only 2 of the Penrhiw ewes left to  lamb but Ffi's ewes are in no hurry at all - her ram must have been a bit dozey last autumn !! 

The  2017 Spring born calves will be weaned this week.  They are almost 12 months old and the cows have almost dried up naturally.  The cows then have a month or so to prepare for their next calf.   There will be some bawling but it's more a gesture than real protest !!