14th January 2015

14th January 2105


Firstly, Happy New Year to you all ! We are back into the regular run of markets and the usual supply of meat. It's Rhiwbina on Friday, Usk on Saturday and Riverside on Sunday. Fresh Aberdeen Angus beef, Welsh Mountain lamb and Welsh pork plus pies and faggots ohh and eggs - I keep forgetting to flag them up ! Local deliveries and collections from the farm - all by arrangement.

What's been happening on the farm - . it is wet and mucky everywhere which I suppose is normal for the time of the year. The cows are happily munching their way through the winter fodder supply - there is plenty of it at the moment thankfully. My father used to say you had to go into the New year with at least half of your winter feed still in the barn. So fingers crossed we will have enough to see us through. Early lambing ewes have started to have hard feed out of a bag to supplement the hay - they are due to start lambing at the end of the month / early Feb. The quads - so far so good ......Babes is coping but getting very large. We haven't scanned the main flock yet. Pigs - Bron and Gwen are outdoors with their piglets but the rest are indoors. Feeding them outdoors in the muddy conditions was the most difficult job of the day - pigs hanging onto the top of your wellies, some trying to trip you up and others burrowing between your legs with your feet getting stuck in the mud may sound funny but was a recipe for falling flat on your face in the mud trampled to death by hungry pigs. Everyone is happier now .....

Finally Flo is growing (John wouldn't be happy if I included her in the farm news) - Ffi and I are eagerly awaiting May. And the wind turbine is going round !

Hope to see you on the weekend